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Parenting is difficult. Parenting a teen presents a greater challenge. And when you add in a teen’s mental or behavioral health issues, that level of complexity will often undermine the safety and peace that should be found at home.

Why a Course on Trust?

Trust is *the* foundational component of any healthy relationship. More than in any other setting, it’s important for all family members to feel safe, understood, and able to progress at home.

Do you feel that despite the efforts you’ve made, you are still stuck in a destructive cycle in your relationship with your teen or co-parent?

No matter what the issues are (i.e. school refusal, drug use, depression, anxiety, lying, arguing and so many more), boosting the trust between you will positively effect those issues.

"We feel confident and have expanded our skills and toolbox to handle the challenges of parenting a child with a significant trauma history. This course has equipped us with more strategies than in the past two years of family therapy. Highly recommend!!"
Marla and Sean B.

What You'll Learn

How it's done

Six Weekly 90 Minute Group Session:
Featuring instruction, topical discussions, and immediately-applicable assessments and exercises.

Open Coaching Office Hours:
Offered for additional guidance and approaches on topics the cohort and Dr. Thayne decide on.

Weekly Private Coaching Session:
Meet for 20 minutes with Dr. Thayne to address your family’s unique needs, overcome communication breakdowns, and further help to implement the course tools and information.

Constructive Feedback and Assessment Results:
Based on the weekly assignments and assessments around trust, parental alignment, and parenting principles, receive valuable and actionable insights and direction.

Who is Dr. Thayne?

Dr. Tim Thayne received his master’s and doctoral degrees from Brigham Young University and Virginia Tech. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist and innovator in the fields of leadership development and adolescent treatment.

After founding Outback Therapeutic Expeditions and Homeward Bound, successful wilderness and aftercare programs for struggling teens and their families, he moved into technology to democratize access to the research, tools, and coaching developed and honed in thousands of homes around the world.

As the founder and CEO of Trustyy, he is pioneering ways for parents and teens to use their Trustyy App to greatly increase trust and peace at home.

His books Taking the Reins and Not by Chance have been read and listened to by tens of thousands of grateful parents, and the weekly Not by Chance Podcast continues to bring insights and experts to listeners with topics focused on intentional family living.

How it's done

Weekly 90-Minute Group Sessions, featuring instruction, topical discussions, and practical exercises.

Weekly 20-Minute Private Coaching Sessions tailored to address your particular parenting needs.

Open Coaching Office Hours offered for additional guidance and support.

Constructive feedback on assignments to ensure steady progress and growth.

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Different from traditional therapy sessions, this course helps proactive families follow through with the actionable steps necessary to change and measure the dynamics surrounding a teen’s mental and behavioral health.
In Trustyy’s live master course, Dr. Thayne teaches a small, private group the proven strategies and tools that have transformed thousands of homes.

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Then let’s get you registered for the next live, on-line coaching course today. It’s time to experience greater growth, respect, and peace at home. It’s not too good to be true. It’s happening. 

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Dr. Tim Thayne Presents:

How Parents Can Put A Stop To Their Teen's Self Destructive Behaviors WITHOUT Conflict Or Walking On Eggshells

Mike Christian

Back-End Developer & DevOps​

Mike is one of those brilliant, self-taught, back end developers that you always hear about. As a youth he could trust that “My mother would love me no matter what . . .” When he isn’t cranking out new code, Mike keeps up on the newest technologies and every Tuesday and Thursday nights he trains SpeedSoft with his team.

Rafael Pampoch

Web Developer

Rafael has his degree in Marketing and Advertising and years of experience with our dev team. As a teen he could trust that “The most important thing in life is love, and the most valuable things are our family and friends.” When he isn’t working on making the website and mobile versions of Trustyy seamless and functional, he unwinds by exploring nature. His favorite activities are climbing mountains, camping, going to the beach, swimming, playing the harmonica and always learning new things.

Afton Wilde


Afton’s experience is in marketing and bookkeeping.  As a teen she could trust that with her parents “Feeding the horses and milking the cow each day before school–not after–was a must.”  When she isn’t busy with keeping Trustyy’s lights on, you’ll usually find her baking up a new treat or working on a sewing project.

Nicoli Cristini

Marketing Assistant

Nicoli has a degree in Multimedia Production.  She has worked with our team of developers for three years.  She learned to trust her own parents when they taught her “Things won’t come easy and that working hard will bring me great blessings!”  When she isn’t putting together beautiful marketing pieces for the Trustyy App she likes to take pictures, play the guitar, piano, and drums, and meet up with her family to laugh over the silly things they did as kids.

Adriano Rodrigues

Mobile Developer

Adriano is certified in Analysis and Systems Development.  In his family he could trust the fact that “One difficult experience teaches me that failure is not the end, but rather an opportunity for growth and learning.”  When he is away from his work in making sure the Trustyy App buttons and bells and whistles are working properly, he likes to go to the gym, to the beach to surf, on walks with his dog, or go out with his girlfriend.

Lucas Baumgart

Product Designer

Lucas’s work experience is in User Experience, Interface Design and Product Management. As a teen he could trust that “In my home honesty was highly valued and lying was not tolerated.”  When he isn’t at work making sure the Trustyy App is easy on the eyes, Lucas likes hiking, gaming, going out for dinner, and spending time with family.

Cadu Olivera

Front End Developer

Cadu has his education in Analysis and System Development.  While growing up he could always trust that “My parents would be there to support from playing soccer at the park to learning to ride a bike.”   When he isn’t making sure things are easily navigated for our Trustyy App users, he likes to play beach soccer and enjoy music of any type, but specifically rock, country, R&B, and pop.

Mike Curi

Back End Developer

Mike is one of those brilliant, self-taught, back-end developers that you always hear about. As a youth he could trust that “My mother would love me no matter what.” When he isn’t cranking out new code, Mike keeps up on the newest technologies and every Tuesday and Thursday nights he trains SpeedSoft with his team. 

Roxanne Thayne

Co-Founder/Chief Marketing Officer

Roxanne received her bachelor’s degree in history and secondary education.  She has worked in publishing and marketing for the past 14 years.  In her family Roxanne says she could trust that “Her grammar and posture would be consistently corrected, to help her to become a lady.”  When she isn’t busy writing and beautifying things for the Trustyy App, you can find her reading biographies, practicing yoga, or gathering the family to talk business, celebrate wins or just plain hang out.

Sidney Rodrigues

Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer

Sidney has a bachelor’s degree in Web Development and has worked in technology for 16 years, building apps for the last 10 years. Growing up he could trust that “It was always expected that I would fix anything related to technology.”  When he isn’t managing the development of the Trustyy App, you will find him spending time with his wife and kids. He loves to make Brazillian BBQ with his family.

Jim Lee

Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer

Jim has a degree in Design and over 25 years of experience creating SaaS products and managing talented product and development teams.  In his years at home as the oldest of five he could trust that “Each child got a weekly ‘night-up’ where we got to stay up late with a parent and do anything we wanted with them.”  When he isn’t looking 10 miles down the road for what will come next on the Trustyy App, you will find Jim canyoneering, doing photography, watercolor painting, or keeping up on the latest gadgets and technologies.

Eric Turner

Co-Founder/Chief Operations Officer

Eric earned his degree in Communications, Public Relations and Advertising, then added on an MBA.  He says he could trust that “His parents were honest people who kept their commitments–especially to their kids.”  When Eric isn’t keeping everyone at Trustyy on task, he is an outdoor enthusiast, year around, rain or shine, cold or hot, with biking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Tim Thayne

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Tim earned masters and doctoral degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, and has 30 years of experience working with families.  While growing up Tim says he could trust that “My mother would love me no matter what, and that my dad would require that I respect my mother.”  When he isn’t busy guiding the vision for the Trustyy App, you can find Tim working around the house and yard, taking care of his sheep, dogs and horses, or enjoying a game of Corn Hole with the family.